Script of the Month: Script-Testing Shortcut and Greeting Name Script

Testing Shortcut:
Incorporating a script into a letter template is a great way to customize your communications. Plus, it’s a huge timesaver when sending notices to multiple residents. Whether you’re a script-writing newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s a useful script-testing tool you can use to determine if you’ve entered the script code correctly.

Once you’re in the Letter Template Manager, select the letter template you wish to open. Next, highlight the code you want to test then press CTRL+R. This opens the Script Builder window where you can add or edit script fields. Finally, test your code by clicking the Test button.

Script of the Month, Greeting Name Field:
There are many different ways to add a customer’s name to a letter template. Let’s use Tom Brown as an example:

[CUSTINFO(“AccountNameFirst”)] = Tom

[CUSTINFO(“AccountNameLast”)] = Brown

[CUSTINFO(“AccountName”)] = Brown, Tom

But what about when you want the first and last name to appear in that order? Simply use a little-known script called Greeting Name:

[CUSTINFO(“gname”)] = Tom Brown

If you want the names of everyone associated with the account to appear in your letter, there’s a script for that as well. So if you want to have Tom Brown’s name, plus his wife Mary (who is listed on the account in the People tab in the Customer window) appear in the field, just use:

[ALLNAMES] = Tom Brown, Mary Brown