Script of the Month: Adding deadlines to notification letters

When creating late payment letters or sending move-in/move-out notifications, it can be useful to specify a deadline that’s a

certain number of days after the current date.

In other words, if final payment is due within seven days of when you send the notice, you can add a script that will automatically calculate that deadline.

Simply add [Sdateadd(d,7,CURDATE)] into the text of your letter in the Letter Template Manager.

Here’s a practical example of how you might use this script:
Payment must be received before [Sdateadd(d,7,CURDATE)].

If the current date is 10/20/2013, this text will appear as:
Payment must be received before 10/27/2013.

In order to change the date range, simply insert the desired number into the 7 script field.

i.e.: [Sdateadd(d,20,CURDATE)] = 20 days from current date

Also, changing the d (day) to m (month) will allow the script to insert a date that is the specified number of months in advance of the current date:

i.e.: [Sdateadd(m,3,CURDATE)] = 3 months from current date