RM Covert Ops: Force ‘copy to attach’

Make sure that when attachments are saved in Rent Manager, they’re collected in a universally accessible space by enabling the Force ‘copy to attach’ setting.

To activate this preference, go to File > Administration > System Preferences.

When the Systems Preferences window opens, you’ll see the General Settings panel and a list of options. At the end of the list, check the box next to Force ‘copy to attach’.

Once this preference is enabled, all forms, photos, documents, and other attachments will be automatically saved to your Rent Manager Program Files folder, in the Attach folder. That way,when your leasing manager saves a copy of thenew lease for unit 2B to the tenant’s History/Notes, all approved users will be able to view the document later on.

Files saved to the Attached folder will be viewable by all users approved to access your Rent Manager system.