How to Swap Insertable Fields in Rent Manager

Rent Manager® offers all sorts of insertable fields that you can use to personalize your business documents using the program’s Letter Writer module. These handy fields enable you to merge information from your database, names, addresses, lease dates, current charges, into a wide variety of template documents, letters, and statements.

So, which insertable field do you use if you need to address a correspondence to multiple residents of a single unit (as opposed to the primary contact only)? Read on to find out…

  1. Go to Letters > Letter Template Manager.
  2. Identify the template you want to update from the Template list and double click on the name to open it.
  3. Highlight and delete all instances of the Greeting Name, [CUSTINFO(gname)], field and replace them with the All NamesALLNAMES], field.
    1. To insert this script from the Insertable Field list, expand the Customer Functions group and drag and drop All Names into the chosen place.
  4. Using the menu list at the top of the Letter Template Manager window, go to File > Save As and save this new template:
    1. Name the template
    2. Identify the users who should have access to the template
    3. Choose the menus users can access the template through
    4. Give the template a description

You can use these steps to change the merge fields in any Rent Manager Letter Writer template, so get customizing and make your documents your own! And if you need more help with insertable fields, press F1 from within Letter Template Managerand follow the Help File’s instructions.