Rent Manager Releases Newest Updates to Mobile Apps

16-04_AppNotification_c1Last November, Rent Manager was honored to bring home the award for Best Mobile Application from the 2015 Prestige Awards hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association (GCNKAA).  We couldn’t have been more excited about the big win but even so, that didn’t stop our developers from hitting the books once again to find even better ways to enhance the product.

Rent Manager’s award-winning mobile apps include rmInspection, rmService, rmPayment, and rmCapture. Each app enables property managers and their vendors to stay connected to Rent Manager, even when they’re away from the office. They can complete an inspection, close a work order, receive a payment, or upload an image from anywhere, all from a smart device.

These tools have proven to be incredible time-savers for our customers, and with the new enhancements available now for iOS and coming soon to Android, the apps are about to get even sweeter.

16-04_LockScreenNotification_c1Push Notifications
When you download a new app, one of the first things you’re asked for is permission to send you Push Notifications. The usefulness of these Push Notifications varies from app to app (an update from Angry Birds might not be as necessary), but in the case of Rent Manager, the addition of Push Notifications is incredibly helpful.

Now, as your employees and vendors work in the field, they can receive real-time updates when they have been assigned a new job. If your service technicians aren’t regularly tuned into Rent Manager, they’ll know a new service ticket has been placed on their to-do list through this convenient pop-up message. Users can decide to opt-out of these Push Notifications, but should note they will only be notified on changes that affect them directly.

Easier Searching

The apps also include an easier way to search through the entire interface. Replacing the previous rolodex scroll-search, you can now easily key in what you’re looking for and a list will automatically populate to correspond with your inquiry—similar to how you might conduct a search in Google.


In Rent Manager 12, you can now select a specific inspection template on your device once you arrive at a property. Simply create the specific inspection form on a desktop computer that accounts for the unique areas within the property or unit and the next time an inspector creates a new inspection, he or she knows exactly what to look for and where to input the information.

Another great enhancement made to the inspection and service issue sides of Rent Manager are the electronic signatures.  When an inspection is complete, tenants and the inspector can sign right on the device using their finger or a stylus pen, attaching those signatures to the inspection report.

This specific enhancement is critical for yet another great improvement to the program. Now, inspectors can email inspections directly to owners, tenants, and other recipients. The signature is attached to the electronic document and can be easily viewed by others, eliminating the need for a literal paper trail.


Service Tech Map

service tech map

Those who attended last year’s Rent Manager User Conference got a sneak peek of this new feature back in October, and we’ve been buzzing with excitement about it ever since. The new Service Tech Map gives users a quick and easy way to visually track technicians in the field.

Employees and vendors can “check in” and “check out” right from within the rmService app, automatically showing their location on an interactive map. Those back at the office can then see where each contractor is working once they’ve checked in to the site, linking the time and GPS location to the start and end of their project.

Look out for these new additions to the already-dubbed Best Mobile Apps in the property management industry, and take advantage of their time-saving, convenience-adding luxury.
Not currently using our mobile applications? Watch this quick overview video and contact your sales rep at 800-669-0871 to get started!