Open Access To The Resources In Your Rent Manager Database

We receive about 25 feature requests from Rent Manager®users every day. The process of adding new features to the software is lengthy and a lot more complicated than most people would think.

This article isn’t about feature requests though, it’s about Open Access.* More specifically, it’s about how some Rent Manager Online (RMO) customers are using Open Access to enhance their businesses’and software’in some really ingenious ways.

Open Access gives you read-only access to your Rent Manager data, which means you can pull whatever information you want and insert it into any third-party application.

If you aren’t familiar with Open Access, click here for more-detailed information. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the nifty ways some of our customers are using it:

1. Turn off a resident’s internet access when their rent is late.

United Apartments uses the data they get from Open Access to disable tenants’ complimentary internet access when their rent isn’t paid on time. And when a delinquent resident tries to access the internet on a United Apartments property, they are redirected to a splash page that prompts them make their payment.

2. Make sure the vehicles in your lots have up-to-date parking permits.

Matchbox Realty uses the data stored in RMO to assess whether the cars in their parking lot have up-to-date parking permits. This helps them identify people who are living in their units without a lease, as well as anyone who neglected to purchase the parking permit.

3. Conduct property inspections on your tablet.

Birch Management, a long-time Rent Manager customer, uses the data pulled through Open Access to conduct all necessary inspections on iPads via Turnover Manager.

4. Look at Big Data

Elevate Property Management leverages Open Access to mine their Big Data by conducting analytics that enable them to make better business decisions for a more-profitable and better-run property. The Elevate team looks for trends and patterns in their data that allows them to manage based on data and not gut’operating proactively, rather than reactively.

Open Access is an advanced feature set and does require some technical experience. Never fear though! If you’re better at managing properties than you are at writing SQL commands, we have people who can help. Give your sales representative a call today to find out how!

*Open Access is only available to Rent Manager Online users and may include additional fees.