In The LCS Limelight: Jennifer Khokhar

LCS Event CoordinatorIn the LCS Limelight: Jennifer Khokhar, Event Coordinator

When asked what they do for a living, very few people could legitimately tell you they get to plan fun events for their colleagues… but that’s just what the role of Event Coordinator tackles here at LCS, and precisely what Jennifer Khokhar gets to tell anyone and everyone who asks about her beloved LCS.

LCS employees were having so much fun hanging out with each other and planning different events throughout the year, that a full-time position was created to keep up and centralize the process. Jennifer jumped right into the newly created role in 2015 and has made it her mission to make sure we’re all having fun ever since. She also takes care of all travel logistics and coordination for trade shows and onsite trainings.

But it hasn’t always been about creating the fun (at least, it wasn’t always part of her job description). Jennifer learned the value of a dollar working through school at the Newport Aquarium and a local car dealership, before landing at LCS upon graduating from Northern Kentucky University. She’s taken on her fair share of roles during her 6-year tenure with the company; from Receptionist, to Order Fulfillment and back-up Accounts Receivables Processor, to Sales Coordinator, before finally jumping into the role of Event Coordinator in 2015.

Outside of work, family is a top priority for Jennifer. She and her husband of three years, Zeshan, are loving every minute of raising their one-year-old daughter, Lilia. Jennifer loves spending time with family whenever possible, and says she lives “about 5 seconds from my mom and dad.” When you get to know her, it’s obvious that she takes pride in her relationships, both at home and at the office.

And when your colleagues begin to feel more like family, coming to work every day is infinitely easier– especially when that involves giving up time with a cuddly toddler. It’s the familial atmosphere, ever-changing list of events to plan and a role that was specifically made to keep employees engaged (and often entertained) that makes each day at LCS a pleasure for Jennifer.

Fast Facts:

LCS Tenure: 6 years

Birthday: April 11th

Favorite Band(s): I’m old at heart… Led Zeppelin is probably my favorite band.  Country is my favorite genre.

Favorite feature of the new building: The Fitness Center

What is your proudest moment at LCS?
I’d have to say it was being recognized in the sales meeting back in 2016 and receiving the “Mirror Ball Trophy.”  It was good to be recognized for my efforts in my then 5-year history at the company.  Also, when we moved into the new headquarters, I was so proud to show my friends and family that I actually get to work in this building.

What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?
Professionally, I hate it when I screw up.  I take great pride in my projects and events, so when something doesn’t go right, I blame myself for weeks before I finally accept it and fix it for the next time.  I take my work very seriously.

Personally, I just want to be a good mom.  If I could have one goal in life, it’d be that my daughter remembers me as an involved mother.  Family is my prime passion and concern.

What 3 traits define you?
Independent, Hardworking, Steadfast

What are 3 words to describe LCS?
Innovative, Flexible, Comradery

What are you surprisingly good at?
Well, I think I’m a pretty good singer, but I don’t think anyone else would agree! Realistically, I’m a pretty good fictional writer.

What are your 3 most overused words/phrases?
“Oh yeah?” “Really?” “No.” (Because that’s just the life of a mom!)

What’s the most unusual thing in your desk drawer?
Nothing really.  Just a bunch of files and granola bars.  A long time ago a Ken doll was placed on one of my birthday cakes here.  I had him displayed on my desk for a long time until I finally took him home when we moved to the new building.