Know the Knowledgebase: Pay Multiple Bills For The Same Vendor On One Check

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If you have multiple bills for the same vendor and want to send the vendor a single check, you need to enable Rent Manager’s “Consolidate by vendor” feature. By doing so, only one check will be created for each vendor.

Consolidate bills by vendor:

  1. Go to Activities > Accounts Payable > Bill Center.
  2. Select the Pay Bills tab.
  3. Follow the process used by your company to pay multiple bills, such as approving, modifying the amount, selecting the pay method, etc.
  4. Enable (check) Consolidate by vendor and click Pay Bills.

If multiple bills existed for the selected a vendor, a single check will be created for them that will pay all of his/her bills.


Go to File > Administration > Manage Users:

  • Properties group: Enable (check) the appropriate Properties
  • Bank / CC Accounts group: Enable (check) the bill paying Bank
  • Payables group: Access bill center Enabled
  • Payables group: View and Edit bills
  • Payables group: Allow user to pay bills Enabled *

* Other permissions may be needed depending on a unique situation and database setup

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