Know the Knowledgebase: How Can I Format A Date With The Day, Full Month, & Full Year in Letter Manager?

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Dates in Letter Manager, whether calculated from the current date, or from a field such as the lease end date, can be scripted to display in any one of many format options. The following instructions provide the script that will populate a customer’s lease dates as the “1st day of December, 2012.”

Lease Start:

[sFormat(CUSTINFO(“leasestart”),”d”)][NumberSuffix(sFormat(CUSTINFO(“leasestart”),”d”))] day of [sFormat(CUSTINFO(“leasestart”),”mmmm, yyyy”)]

Lease End:

[sFormat(CUSTINFO(“leaseend”),”d”)][NumberSuffix(sFormat(CUSTINFO(“leaseend”),”d”))] day of [sFormat(CUSTINFO(“leaseend”),”mmmm, yyyy”)]

For other fields with date values, the same scripting can be applied. Substitute (CUSTINFO(leasestart) for another script with a date value.


Go to File > Administration > Manage Users:

  • Letters / Reports group: View and Edit Letters
  • Letters / Reports group: Add , View and Edit Customer, Prospect, Owner, Unit, Vendor, or Property word processor templates

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