Know the Knowledgebase: Financial Report Writer, Fixing an Incorrect Script Total Value

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The following Knowledgebase article addresses how to script fields that provide a calculated Summary Total value (such as Controllable NOI). The value should be scripted with a single set of brackets instead of separate scripts for each calculation. An example is shown below.


Verify there is only one set of brackets in the calculation.

Incorrect Script:


Correct Script:


If after correcting the script as described above and there is still an issue with how the Summary field behaves, select that field from edit mode of the Financial Report and change the Word Wrap setting to TRUE.


Go to File > Administration > Manage Users:

  • Letters / Reports group: Run Reports Enabled
  • Letters / Reports group: View and Edit Financial Report Writer templates
  • *Letters / Reports group: Edit other user’s report templates Enabled

*Possibly needed depending on situation and database setup

Please note, Standalone users must have Report Writer added to their Rent Manager license.

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