Know the Knowledgebase: Creating a report that displays a phrase, rather than a balance

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To have a phrase, such as “Excessive” or “High” appear on a report writer report, rather than the customer’s actual balance, an “If Statement” can be added to the column. The “If Statement” will display one of two phrases based on the balance of the customer’s account exceeding the criteria or not. Read below for instructions on how to use an “If Statement” for this scenario, as well as how to use “If Statements” in other scenarios.

Create an If Statement:

  1. Open the existing Report Writer report.
  2. Add or select the column (such as Balance) to display a phrase based on the value of the record and click Settings.
  3. In the Formula field, a Balance script will appear as [BALANCE].
  4. Modify the script so that it reads [sif(BALANCE()>123.45, High, Not High )] where 123.45 is the cutoff for the phrase High to appear if the balance exceeds this number.
If the balance does not exceed this number, Not High will appear.
  1. Alternatively, use instead of Not High if you want the cell to appear blank if the customer’s balance does not exceed the amount.

The same approach can be taken for other numeric values that display on a Report Writer report. The script should read [ sif (SCRIPT DESIRED)>123.45,What should appear if the value is greater than 123.45,What should appear if the value is equal to or less than 123.45)]


Go to File > Administration > Manage Users:

  • Properties group: Enable (check) the appropriate Properties
  • Letters / Reports: Run reports Enabled
  • Letters / Reports: View and Edit Customer, Prospect, Owner, Unit, Vendor, or Property writer templates
  • Stand Alone Users must also have the Report Writer Module added to their license

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