Know the Knowledgebase: Adding One-Time Charges to Multiple Customers Simultaneously

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The following Knowledgebase article shares how to add one-time charges to multiple customers in Rent Manager by filtering the customer list (if necessary), using keyboard shortcuts to select the appropriate customer(s), and then using the right-click menu. Complete instructions follow:

To add the same change to multiple customers at one time:

  1. Go to Rental Info > Customers.
  2. If necessary, click Filter and select/enter criteria to narrow the list of customers to only those who should be charged and click OK.
  3. Use CTRL + A,CTRL-Click or Shift-Click to select the appropriate customers.
  4. Hover your mouse over one of the selected customer records and right-click.
  5. Select Add a Transaction.
  6. Select the Charge Type and Date , and enter the Amount and optionally a Comment.
  7. Click Save.

For more information about right-click menus, see Knowledgebase article 444644.

To undo this posting:

  1. Go to File > Administration > Posting Rollback.
  2. Locate and select the posting listed as type Misc Trans.
  3. Click Rollback Posting and confirm any pop-up messages that may appear.


Go to File > Administration > Manage Users:

To charge customers:

  • – Properties group: Enable (check) the appropriate Properties
  • – Customers / Prospects group: View and Edit Customers
  • – Receivables group: Add Customer transactions
  • – Receivables group: Take customer payments Enabled

To rollback the posting:

  • – System group: View and Edit Administration items

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