Let’s Get Social (Media)! Part 1

Yes, Virginia, social media is relevant to your business, even if you only run a small multifamily operation. And especially if you don’t have a Web site. Eighty-nine percent of consumers recently surveyed said they use Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions, and close to one in five individuals consults Facebook to obtain information about a product or brand.

An online presence is no longer optional for your company, it’s essential for your legitimacy and longevity. Happily, social media is here to help! Social marketing is an easy and extremely economical way to establish an identity for your business on the Internet. It also happens to be a PERFECT environment for property managers to get the attention of renters and owners alike.

Photo Credit: ThreeShipsMedia

What Exactly Is Social Media?

According to these experts, social media is the accumulation of “interactive web platforms [through] which individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content. In other words, it’s the online networks, forums, blogs, wikis, and podcasts people use to interact with each other.

Social media channels are a proven, and cost-free, way to connect with your current customers and market to your prospects. These sites enable you to:

  • Further establish your business as a vital resource, prove to the shortsighted that you’re more than just a landlord, maintenance company, accountant…
  • Engage in direct dialogue with followers, be they owners, residents, prospective tenants, vendors, etc.
  • Show your true colors, express the more-relaxed, approachable side of your business, which traditional marketing vehicles typically don’t allow you to do.
  • Share relevant, useful information, whether it’s updates that are specific to your communities, or interesting tidbits you think your followers will enjoy.
  • Flaunt your assets, posting striking photos and clever videos that showcase your properties and happy residents can have a much-greater impact (and farther reach) than static brochures and websites.

So… have we piqued your interest in social media? Great! Stay tuned for the second article in this series, which focuses on where to start and how to (quickly and easily) make your mark online.