Introducing Rent Manager's Newest Website Solution: rmWebPro

January 13, 2020


Rent Manager

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Earlier this year, we broke down the importance of having an updated website fitted to your company’s needs. As we continue to step further into the 21st century, online marketing and website appeal speak for your company more than ever. Having a well-designed and professionally developed website gives you a competitive edge in gaining the attention of motivated prospects and differentiating your operation from competitors.
Taking the first step in brainstorming ideas for your website and then building it may seem overwhelming. Maybe you want your site to be purely informative, or you’d like your tenants and prospects to be able to interact more with you online. Whatever your goals, rmWebPro—our newest website-building option—will deliver a professionally designed and developed site you want within the timeline you need.

What is rmWebPro?

So, you want a website built by a professional that’s tailor-made for you but need the website up quickly? rmWebPro is the solution for you! With a few quick selections and content provided by you, your rmWebPro site can be up and running in as little as two weeks. A member of the Professional Services Web Team will be responsible for creating an online home for your business that fits your needs. Think of the process as constructing a new building… with rmWebPro, our team has the site’s foundation in place—you simply pick out the floor plan and finishes!
When you decide to create a rmWebPro website, you will receive a questionnaire that helps our experts customize the site to fit your requirements. You’ll also have a phone meeting with the web designer/developer assigned to your project. They will take note of your particular wants and needs and use that information to finalize the creation of your website.

What are my build options?

Rent Manager offers three build options to help create the perfect digital front door for your company. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive package, or you just need some help getting started, we can help your business make its mark online.

Having your website fully integrated with our software will also advance your business by saving you time and effort. Imagine a workflow where prospects apply on your site and all their information is automatically tracked in the program! Rent Manager’s Professional Services Web Team has the skills and knowhow to create a website that’s just right for your business. With expertise in both Rent Manager and web development, our capable design professionals are ready to make your site functional and competitive in today’s aggressive property management market.
Whatever your timeline, your success is in sight with a website that puts your property’s digital doorstep on display. If you need help getting started with your first site, or are looking for a refresh, contact our Professional Services Web Team today to find out which build track is right for your business.

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