Ready for Community-wide Wi-Fi?
Smartaira 360 is an innovative, managed Wi-Fi solution for rapid Internet service delivery. The service integrates with Rent Manager to simplify your residents’ connectivity experience. Resident onboarding is fully automated and mobile devices are connected instantly with a QR code.

Simplified Community-wide Connectivity

Connect with Smartaira

Increasing NOI for Multifamily owners through the application of Internet-WiFi services.

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Ancillary Income

Property owners prefer amenities that improve the resident experience and generate new revenue.

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Increased Property Value

New predictable revenue streams have a positive impact on the value of a property to investors.

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Improved Operations

Process and building automation saves time, reduces labor, and improves efficiencies.

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Hassle Free

Outsourcing and system integrations reduce the burden typically placed on internal resources.

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Smart (IoT) Ready

Community-wide, managed networks are designed for smart-home and smart-building technologies.

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Automated New Resident Move-In

Residents are automatically onboarded onto their own private WiFi network.


For more information about Smartaira, click the link below.