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SES Risk Solution’s Property Manager Landlord Insurance Program enables you to leverage your company’s best practices and the buying power of your managed portfolio to offer comprehensive landlord insurance coverage typically reserved for institutional investors at below-market rates. SES is a 30-year leading insurance market for insuring residential rental portfolios of all sizes. We work with all brokers and are happy to work with yours to implement your owner-benefit program.

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Landlord Insurance For The Modern REI Investor

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New Bottom-Line Income Stream

Generate bottom-line income through a new owners-benefits offering of comprehensive landlord insurance.

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Comprehensive Coverage At Below-Market Rates

Leverage the buying power of your managed portfolio to create a master policy with below-market rates and comprehensive coverages typically reserved for institutional investors.

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Works With Brokers In All 50 States

SES is a 30-year marketplace for insuring portfolios of single-family and multifamily rental properties. We work with any broker in all 50 states and are happy to work with yours!


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