RYNT, short for “Research Your Next Tenant,” offers property managers a unique set of tools that deliver quick, reliable and FCRA compliant Background Screens. Access and search thousands of databases in the US, and up to 200 countries, through its simple, intuitive interface.

Our world is constantly on the go, and the RYNT unique interface offers the ability to go paperless by sending the background screening application via text message or email. This allows the tenant to have the responsibility to fill out the required information, electronically sign the FCRA documentation, and submit the application for processing. With the entire process taking just a few minutes, time and money are saved on both ends.

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Speed with Quality

  • With dedicated researchers, they provide quick and reliable results that will provide you with the most up to date information on an applicant.

Self-Service Interface

  • The intuitive interface is straightforward and offers a property manager a plethora of tools that can be utilized to ease their own workload significantly.

Mobile Application

  • The RYNT mobile application allows the property manager to send the needed authorization electronically, straight to the applicant. This allows for the FCRA documentation to be sent, signed and filed immediately—adding speed and efficiency to the entire process.

Visit the RYNT website for more information