Power Testimonial

Power Testimonial

Power Testimonial will take the headache out of monitoring and maintaining your online reputation. Their robust survey and review system allows you to automate your survey and review requests. With the easy-to-view dashboard you can also monitor all your online reviews in one place.  Never have a review go unnoticed, because with the automated notifications you will always know when someone is posting a review online about your business.

Power Testimonial gives you all the tools to increase your business by allowing you to keep a pulse on your business and improve or maintain your online reputation effortlessly.

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Fully Automated and Customizable Survey Platform

  • The robust survey platform allows you to keep a pulse on your business by allowing you to send out tenant, owner and contractor surveys without doing a thing.

Easily Monitor Your Online Reputation

  • The automated notification system also notifies you by email whenever you do get a new online review on sites like Facebook and Google and our dashboard gives you all the information you need to monitor your online reputation with the most recent reviews from sites Like Yelp, Google and Facebook all in one place.

Increase Your Business by Getting More Online Reviews

  • Maintain or improve your online reputation by getting more positive online reviews with the automated review system. Look your best where people are looking for you and increase your visibility and SEO by having a great online presence.

Visit the Power Testimonial website for more information.