When making a lease decision, 62% of people say online ratings are a high priority… Good thing happy residents always leave ratings—right? Ha!

Happy residents move out every month, but they rarely take the time to leave ratings. To fix this, OpenProperty automatically rates 100% of concluding leases.  See what OpenProperty can do for your properties. With the Rent Manager integration, we can run your historic information to show you what we would have produced—for free and without obligation. If it looks good, activate OpenProperty.

OpenProperty is trusted by landlords with a few hundred to over 100,000 units.

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Visit the OpenProperty website for more information.
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Get Lots of Ratings with Little or No Effort

  • Capture ratings from 100% of concluding rentals. Everything can be automated for your staff through the Rent Manager integration.


  • For less than a cell phone contract you can boost a property’s online curb appeal.


  • Stop existing ratings sites from monopolizing your online reputation. Our ratings are based on objective data as reported by properties.


  • It works well or you quit: easy out-clause.

Visit the OpenProperty website for more information.