Ratings are an important part of online curb appeal. Since happy residents leave lots of ratings, there is nothing to do – right? Ha!

It’s no secret, good rental experiences rarely materialize on traditional rating sites. Taking a page from successful ride and property-share applications, OpenProperty is a ratings platform that lets landlords bring two-sided ratings to their rental properties. Residents have the potential to gain an influential rating alongside landlords. This has been shown to drive desirable outcomes.

OpenProperty is trusted by landlords with a few hundred to over 100,000 units.

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Visit the OpenProperty website for more information.
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Return on Effort

  • OpenProperty ratings are 100% built on numbers-data and 0% on commentary. Everything can be automated for your staff through the Rent Manager integration.

Return on Investment

  • Low–cost. They are convinced you and your residents will get hooked on OpenProperty, so they will practically give it away for the first year.

What Renters Want, part 1

  • Renters like ratings – research shows 80%+ use ratings in deciding where to live. So OpenProperty gives renters want they want – more ratings.

What Renters Want, part 2

  • As a large client stated, renters care about money and location – full stop. We can’t change location, but our ratings can open up flatting financial data.

Visit the OpenProperty website for more information.