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Created to help communities thrive, Obodo provides a property portal and resident app designed to streamline communication between renters and property owners. Residential properties, apartments, HOAs and other communities can use Obodo’s integration with Rent Manager to seamlessly increase engagement with residents using their existing Rent Manager workflows. At Obodo, we leverage technology to bring people together–not keep them apart.

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Resident app and property portal—streamlining communication and enhancing the tenant experience

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Engage and Connect With Your Renters

Cultivate a sense of community through consistent engagement. Use your portal to send events, announcements, lease renewal reminders, push notifications and more to your property-branded resident app.

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Simplify Your Check-In/Check-Out Process

Provide a seamless and secure move-in/move-out routine for your tenants. Photos and feedback can be sent directly from the resident app and stored safely in your property portal.

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Effectively Manage Maintenance Requests

Receive maintenance requests from residents and manage them with ease in your portal. Photo attachments and chat features provide maximum clarity on the issue at hand to enable quick solutions.

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