LandLord Verification

LandLord Verification

LandLord Verification™ is focused solely on giving you a path to getting a tenant’s rental history online. Property managers and owners know the benefit of obtaining this crucial element of a tenant’s background. The manual process is time-consuming, cumbersome, and difficult; involving phone calls, emails, printing, filling forms by hand (sometimes multiple times) and returning. What a pain!

Their nationwide database makes it easy to search for, request, and give a landlord verification—all online. Maximize your profitability by including LandLord Verification™ as part of your tenant screening and take the pain out of the process.

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Streamline Your Landlord Verification Process

  • Bring efficiency to the process through the LandLord Verification™ integration with Rent Manager, saving your leasing agents time and saving you and your clients money.

Get Information Not Available Anywhere Else

  • See information on evictions that are started but not completed or recorded, “Cash for Keys” deals, property damage items and amounts, trash or furniture haul-out, and photos of damage (an option of the person submitting the report).

Accumulated Verification History

  • LandLord Verification collects up to seven years of a tenant’s verification history, when available. So rather than multiple, single transactions, their reports are cumulative.

Visit the LandLord Verification website for more information