FilterEasy offers a unique filter program for property managers that solves the age-old problem of getting tenants to change their air filters. They ship the exact size and quantity of air filters that need to be changed directly to the tenant’s front door with simple installation instructions. Each filter is stamped with expiration dates to hold the tenant accountable.

Their partners add a monthly fee to new leases and renewals to cover the costs of shipments, and keep roughly 25% of the fee collected from the tenant. FilterEasy brings value to the tenant, the homeowner, and the property manager.

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Ancillary Income

  • Property managers can expect to earn between $30-50 per door annually.

Giving you back time

  • You can expect a 30% reduction in HVAC-related tickets.

Easy to implement

  • Our partners report tenant compliance near 100% thanks in part to the expiration dates stamped on our filters.

The plan helps pay for itself

  • Tenants report a reduction in heating and cooling cost up to 15% on the FilterEasy program—that’s approximately $106 in savings annually.

Visit the FilterEasy website for more information