EZcare allows property managers to automate their field operations including inspections and maintenance tasks. With custom checklists and automated workflows, you can be confident your property is well-maintained and rent-ready. EZcare provides mobile solutions for any Android or iOS device, giving your team everything they need to get the job done right.

Track inspection or maintenance progress in real time via the customizable dashboard. Message staff with a simple communication interface, enabling you to address issues quickly or manage resources on the fly. EZcare will help your business improve operations, deliver better accountability and ensure quality property care.

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Customize Inspection Checklists to Suit Unique Unit Attributes

  • EZ’s customizable forms let you build checklists to guide inspectors through specific areas to check. Convert to language translation on app for more accurate communication.

Use EZ’s Intuitive Mobile App

  • Whether you’re an inspector, maintenance tech, or outside contractor, EZ optimizes workflow with the easy-to-use app.

Create Invoices from the Field

  • No more paper receipts and confusing costs. Minimize office visits for techs—keeping them highly productive.

Upload Photos in Real Time

  • Their photo capture technology allows field staff to snap photos from their phone and automatically upload to the unit record. Document damage and keep accurate historical data. That’s property peace of mind!

Visit the EZcare website for more information.