eMailACheck are checks for the 21st century. Their patented technology is a secure, eco-friendly way to send, receive, and deposit checks instantly.

Don’t worry about your checks getting lost or delayed in the mail. Now you can write, send, receive, and deposit checks without leaving your desk. Save postage and time—pay and get paid instantly.

Save money by sending and receiving checks online, instantly

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Eliminate Avoidable Fees

Avoid bank fees by timing payments and reconciling account balances, while also managing cash flows.

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Prevent Late Charges and Penalties

With eMailACheck the chances of late charges and penalties are completely eliminated, as checks arrive on the date designated by the payor, and both parties have proof of delivery.

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Time-Saving Free Software

eMailACheck’s FREE software allows you to cut hundreds of checks in a matter of minutes. Businesses reduce costs and save valuable time.

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