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July 15, 2020


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Recruiting top talent for your business is not as simple as it once was. In today’s competitive hiring environment, candidates are looking for more than just a job. Prospective employees want to work for an organization with an attractive company culture, workplace benefits, valuable training, and updated technology. Every generation bears different characteristics and motivations within the workforce. As of 2020, it’s estimated that Gen Z comprises 36% of the workforce and it’s important to know how to properly attract and retain this fresh talent.

Focusing on Gen Z

Gen Z succeeds Millennials with birth dates between 1997 and 2015. It’s imperative to know what this generation searches for and expects in a job when looking to add to your staff.

As with previous generations, Gen Z’s top motivators are career advancement and monetary compensation. This makes creating an environment where your employees can grow and increase their potential essential. This also coincides with their yearning for job stability, which should come as no surprise since these recent graduates just witnessed family members and friends lose jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a new-found awareness that work is not always guaranteed, these younger workers will look for more-secure jobs that offer opportunities for growth.

Tech is also an important part of their worldview. Gen Z is the first generation to truly grow up in a tech-centered society with experiences that were defined by technology. They expect to integrate video learning, digital communication and social media into their work life—all powered through high-speed internet. Providing them with these tools will allow your new hires to thrive in the workplace and enable them to bring more modern solutions to your business.

Attractive Benefits

Attracting the best talent starts with showing candidates the valuable benefits your organization can offer. Creating an attractive benefits package may sound like an additional cost to your business, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Unique benefits include flexible scheduling, employee events and workshops, the ability to work from home, pet days, and time off for mental health.

It’s important to acknowledge that Gen Z grew up in an environment where everything is customizable. This makes a flexible workplace a very attractive benefit to this new generation of workers.

A flexible workplace—allowing employees to modify and personalize their working conditions—will satisfy your staff, reduce stress, and retain your most valuable talent. Consider revisiting and revising your work-from-home policy. 2020 has been a year of adjusting and being open to change; use this experience to your advantage to implement some of these techniques into your workplace moving forward.

New Training & Development Methods

Attract ideal candidates with an impressive training and development program, as 94% of employees agree that they would stay at a company longer that is invested in their professional development. Valuable training results in improved employee performance, satisfaction and morale, increased productivity, and innovation.

In the modern workplace, employees want continuous learning, personalization in their training, manager involvement, and interactivity during training. To provide continuous learning, offer follow-up assessments, refresher classes, and recommendations for furthering education. Keep these classes relevant to your employees—boredom or frustration can arise when classes start to feel irrelevant. Managers should assist in the learning process so that employees can receive feedback and understand that their efforts are not going unnoticed. Not only can managers interact with employees during training, but they should also encourage employees to interact among each another. Create a socially driven learning experience with Q&A sessions, learner forums/chats, and peer monitoring.

Integrate New Technology

Using social media to attract employees ensures a good cultural match. Take advantage of LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more to share your company culture and values. The more information you can share about your company, the more likely you are to attract candidates who align with your values, work environment, company mission, and goals. Don’t be afraid to share information about your benefits and training programs on social, as we have learned how important these resources are to potential candidates.

To acknowledge current employees, applaud their accomplishments on your social media channels. Not only will candidates see that you value your employees, but your current team will feel appreciated. Simply incorporate an employee highlight of the week or month on your platform.

Gen Z offers employers a brand-new perspective and will help expand the horizon of your business. Staying engaged with an open and communicative company culture and admirable benefits will go a long way when trying to attract and retain top talent.

By Halle Rohrs

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