Here’s Your Key to a Virtual Treasure Trove…


You may recognize (sometimes on a daily basis) just how valuable all of the Rent Manager® tools and features are to your business. But what you may not realize is there’s more valuable stuff right at your fingertips!

I’m talking about the Rent Manager blog. We average around five new, hot articles each week. And every one we post is original content and readily available for you to use and share with your staff and social media followers.

There’s about a plethora of resources and information you can use and share like:

  • Up-to-the-minute industry announcements…
  • Changes in housing regulations…
  • Fresh, effective marketing ideas…
  • Creative ways to stay in tune with your residents…
  • And much, much more! (See, I told you it was a plethora!)

And the best part is it’s FREE! Just one more bonus that’s available to you as a member of the Rent Manager community.

Our blog is also where we post breaking news on Rent Manager product announcements, features, and resources. You won’t want to miss all of the vital insight and info chocked into every article.

With Rent Manager, not only do you get comprehensive, customizable software to help you manage your properties, but you also gain an innovative, convenient resource for increasing your business’with ways for marketing to prospects and retaining your current residents. It’s just one of the many routes we take to keep you focused on doing what you do best!

Here are some ideas on how to get the most from our blog:

If you need suggestions on how you’re required to handle hoarders (or another property-management-related keyword) just head to our blog and enter the term hoarders into the narrow my search field on the right sidebar of the page.

Or if you’re looking for inventive ways to stay in touch with residents, you can peruse articles by category or explore our archives on a per-month basis.

And if you want to get set up to automatically follow every twist and turn of our posts, just click on the RSS feed button on the right side of the blog page. If you’re not familiar with RSS feeds, then read through our handy dandy article that gives you simple step-by-step instructions on how get started.

Whatever you do… don’t miss out on all the resources packed into the Rent Manager blog! Make sure you’re utilizing it to the fullest extent!