Fall Festive for Communities

AGourdsutumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile. William Cullen Bryant

Socializing Your Properties with Autumn Fun

Football. Gourds.

Halloween. Fall harvest.

I bet your residents are feeling a little nostalgic with the energy and color of the season… Sounds like perfect timing to start those community events you’ve been contemplating!

Getting Started

It doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling, just figure out your first event and get organized. If coordinating and planning isn’t your thing, remember you can easily delegate a team captain. One or two of your residents may really enjoy acting as the social committee!

  • Use a Calendar: Maybe it sounds archaic, but having a calendar visible to your residents as they come and go will help remind them of what’s on the horizon.
  • Email Reminders: Make sure the social committee has all email addresses and uses them to keep residents in the loop.

Remember that social events can raise tenant satisfaction and retention. Scheduling a monthly community event helps residents feel connected to one another and less likely to move.

Falling for Fall

Free social events don’t have to be hard’or expensive. Check out these ideas to get your fall off the ground…

  1. Create, Decorate: If you haven’t gotten around to decorating your properties, you’re in luck. Consider asking your residents if they’d like to help, in the form of a community event. Track down some decorations, pumpkins, spiders and web, gourds, and/or scarecrows, and let your residents make-over the space! You could even provide some light refreshments to fuel creativity, if you like!
  2. Tailgate It Up: Got a lot of sports fans? Tailgating in a common green space or in the parking lot is a great way to bring people together. Go potluck-style and it’s super-affordable. You provide the electronics (radios or small, portable TVs) and/or the tables and paper products, and tenants supply the rest.
  3. Go Big or Go Home: Big screens and big games typically bring big fun. Think about playing the game on a big screen (if you don’t have one, look into renting a projector system), and let the residents bring the rest. This could become a monthly Saturday/Sunday tradition at your properties.
  4. Friendly Competition: Everyone enjoys a good contest from time-to-time. You can take this a lot of different ways. Pumpkin carving, Halloween costume contest, or even a candy-collecting contest can be super-fun and family-friendly. Maybe you’ll pair apple cider with carving and then decorate your buildings with the residents’ finished pumpkins. And hot cider by the fire is always a nice way to wrap up the competition.
  5. Leaf Love: Raking leaves sound fun? Well use your imagination and it could be. Gather some rakes and renters, and the grounds will be in tip-top shape in no time. Don’t forget to supply some motivation: hot apple cider or pie as post-raking treats. And remember to let the little ones have their fun in the leaf piles. It’s family fun with a productive outcome!

Input Matters

Whether you’re wearing two hats as social coordinator AND property manager, or you’ve giving the reigns over to a qualified and eager tenant, it’s important to get feedback about the events. Give your residents a voice and a chance to request certain activities. This will accomplish multiple things: you will be even more endeared to your renters, they will be more-invested in the community events, and you’ll be building an even stronger community.

  • Suggestion Box, perhaps a bit dated, but a discreet outlet for comments, ideas, and critiques will benefit the entire social scene at your property.

Don’t let autumn blow by… get your social situation in order with fall festivities. Keep tenants happy longer and increase retention… Your tenants will thank you.

Photo credit: a2gemma/Foter/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)