RV/MH Hall of Fame

August 1-2, 2019 - Elkhart, IN

The RV/MH Heritage Foundation began its operation in 1972 and operates today as the RV/MH Hall of Fame and the Northern Indiana Event Center. It is a 501c-3 public not for profit.


  1. To maintain a Hall of Fame to honor the leaders of our Industries. Today there are over 400 members in the Hall called the “Wall of Fame”
  2. To archive their history. Today they have a great library with over 20,000 industry publications
  3. To create a display of historic products. Today they have a one of a kind museum with 100 year old RV’s
  4. To aid in promoting the RV/MH industries. Today they have the GoRving Hall for New RVs and the new Manufactured Home display for MH.
  5. To provide a first class event center. Today they operate the Northern Indiana Event Center ( N.I.E.C ) with over 35,000 sq.ft.of space available in seven different areas.
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