Eureka! Rent Manager Account Groups

Rent Manager® allows you to combine two or more existing customer accounts into a single entity called an Account Group. This function can be a serious timesaver in a variety of situations:

Suppose you have a commercial tenant who leases multiple rental units. To accommodate this arrangement, you must create a separate customer account to rent each of these units’leaving you with several customer accounts in Rent Manager for a single commercial renter. By creating a customer account group for this tenant, you can gather these accounts into a single entity for reporting, receivables, etc.

Or, say you manage student housing and you have four people living as roommates in a single unit. You want each person to have a separate customer account within Rent Manager, but you need to be able to generate a single statement for all of their combined transactions. It’d also be ideal to receive a single payment from one roommate that could then be applied to the total, combined rental charge.

Account groups make multi-resident billing a piece of cake! By incorporating these tenants into an account group, you can maintain separate customer accounts while simultaneously treating them as a single entity for other activities.

Here’s how you create account groups in Rent Manager:

  1. Go to Rental Info – Customers.
  2. Select two or more customer accounts from the list on the left.
    1. Hold the CTRL key and click specific customers to include in your highlighted selection.
    2. Or, if you want to select a large number of names on the list, click on a name, hold the SHIFT key, and then click on another customer. This will highlight all of the customer accounts between your first and last selection.
  3. Right-click inside the Customer List area and select Manage Account Groups from the shortcut menu.
  4. Select a Master Account and then click OK.

Once your account groups are created, you can:

  • Generate a single statement that includes transactions from all customers in the account group.
  • Simultaneously add a one-time or recurring charge to all customers in the account group.
  • Review the transactions of all customers in the account group through the Transaction Ledger of a single customer in the group (Rental Info Customers Transaction).
  • Review the open charges of all customers in the account group through the Payments tab of a single customer in the group. You may also receive a payment from the selected customer and apply it to outstanding charges on other customers in the account group (Rental Info Customers Payments).
  • Review the history notes of all customers in the account group through the History tab of a single customer in the group. If you add a history note to one member of the group, the note will also be added simultaneously to the other customers in the group (Rental Info Customers History / Notes).
  • Filter the Customer List so that only “master accounts” display.
  • Write letters or send emails to all the customers of an account group.

For more background on how to make the most of this seriously simplifying feature, open the help file in Rent Manager (press the F1 key!) and search for the term account group.

Your Eureka! moment awaits’start creating your own account groups today!


Photo credit:star5112/Foter/CC BY-SA

Photo credit:wongoz/Foter/CC BY-NC-ND