Creating Culture: How to nurture a positive community atmosphere

In a housing market that has created a flood of new renters, you may wonder how to go about promoting a culture of community to your new-to-renting and experienced residents.

The first step is to have an open line of communication. Make sure they have your email and phone information and ask which contact method they prefer. Some people feel more comfortable shooting you a quick text. Others may simply want to send an email or call you directly. The point is to make them feel at ease about contacting you and to make sure they promptly notify you when something at the property needs service. Be quick to respond so they feel confident in your abilities as a landlord and know that they can count on you to resolve any issues.

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It’s also nice to provide a Welcome to Our Community reusable tote that contains essentials like a map listing nearby groceries and home improvement stores; important phone numbers around town; and magnets, chip clips, or key chains branded with your logo. Also, include a calendar of events if your property schedules parties or meetings throughout the month.


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Another way to create a friendly atmosphere is to host a BBQ or grill-out for all of your tenants. Even if you have single- or multi-family homes in various locations around town, you can still hold the get-together at a local park. Allowing residents the opportunity to meet each other is the key to establishing a close-knit group of individuals who feel part of something great.

And if your properties are mainly commercial-based, then facilitating group events like sidewalk sales, meet and greets, and holiday gatherings will help foster a good-will attitude and encourage everyone to step out of their daily grind and into a unified group. This is the perfect chance for business owners to network and collaborate on how they can help further each other’s organization and the local business community in general.

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Social media is yet another outlet to utilize to keep your tenants informed of happenings around town and at their rental communities. Create a Facebook page and email residents to let them know it’s there and to encourage them to follow you. This is a wonderful (and cost-free) way for everyone to feel more in tune with current events. Plus you can monitor and track your online presence by viewing comments and page statistics.

In the end, a little effort can go a long way in maintaining a desirable, connected environment and sense of community among your residents.