Business Intelligence: Making Informed Business Decisions with Scorecards (Metric-X)

This Tech Tuesday—hosted by Metric-X—is for leaders of property management companies interested in using metrics for clarifying priorities, motivating teams, and delivering results. In every company, there are a handful of numbers that can predict what the next quarter’s P&L will look like.  A well-designed scorecard should show this information, making it a powerful tool for communicating your priorities on the activities that are of highest value.  Scorecards (also known as flash reports, smart numbers, key performance indicators, measurables etc.) are not a summary of your current P&L or Balance Sheet. A good scorecard displays numbers that predict future performance.
In the first part of the webinar, we will introduce scorecards and leading indicators. In the second part, we will show examples of scorecards that are automatically generated from Rent Manager. The demonstrations will show how companies using Rent Manager can design their own scorecards and executives can have “at-a-glance” access to key numbers from anywhere.