Virtual Classroom: Rent Manager 201

Virtual Classroom - Rent Manager 201

Take the Next Step in Advancing Your Rent Manager Experience

Rent Manager 201Virtual Classroom: Rent Manager 201 shares instruction and insight into the many ways you can optimize your property management processes in Rent Manager Xi. Get more out of the parts of the program you already know, and discover valuable features that you might not have known existed!

Our focus will include:

  • The Tenant Life Cycle
    • Learn how to manage the life cycle of a tenant from start to finish.
    • Enter new prospects into Rent Manager, measure the performance of your marketing campaigns and leasing agents, find out how to properly move-in and move-out customers, transfer residents to new rentals, and more.
  • Transaction Management
    • Effectively manage and streamline the charge and payment collection process.
    • Learn to prorate charges and receive batched payments; get hands-on practice charging, receiving, and refunding security deposits; and discover the best way to set up and update auto charges.
    • We’ll also explore the reports that can help you track your properties’ financials.

Plus, you’ll learn everything from the comfort of your home or office!

Who should attend this session?
Rent Manager 201 is perfect for employees who are familiar with the basics of Rent Manager Xi, and want to further hone their property management skills.

This course begins as a 3-hour instructor-led training session. Participants are encouraged to follow along with their instructor in the provided digital workbook—the demonstration activities have been included for you to review later!

Once the demonstration is over, you will have the chance to practice what you just learned in a risk-free simulation of Rent Manager Xi—the same database the instructor uses throughout the tutorial. Your workbook also includes hands-on activities that you can practice in the designated training environment created just for you!

Each attendee also gets one-on-one email access to the session’s instructor for a week, as well as 7 days to practice the hands-on activities in the training database.

Plus, you’ll learn everything from the comfort of your home or office!