Case Study: Park Place Property Management

In 2008, Andrew Propst relocated to Boise, Idaho, and soon after took on the challenge to turn Park Place Property Management (PPPM) into a thriving business… and he did. Now as Owner/President, Andrew oversees all of PPPM’s staff and operations, servicing the greater Treasure Valley area of Boise. Andrew currently manages over 1900 units with real estate values in excess of $200,000,000.

A consistent presence in the industry, Andrew sits on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). Park Place Property Management is also the recipient of multiple industry awards, including being named the #1 Residential Property Management Company in Idaho by The Idaho Business Review.

The History

In August 2008, Andrew took over PPPM andinherited the Rent Manager® software. Familiar with other big name property management software at the time, Rent Manager® was a change. But it didn’t take long for Andrew to learn Rent Manager… and stick with it.

In 2009 we were close to trying something new,” Andrew recalls. “But when I compared all of the property management software products out there, Rent Manager® kept coming back on top.”

Favorite Features of Rent Manager®

I can streamline my business by incorporating other products, like NDT phone integration… and of course there’s the auto back-up feature.

Honestly it comes down to the flexibility Andrew says. There are several ways to make the Rent Manager® system work for you.

Would you recommend Rent Manager® to other Property Managers?

Yes, it’s the most all-encompassing PM software out there’you just have to know how to use it!

Andrew adds: Some PMs may under-utilize the Rent Manager®system, but at Park Place we’re at 85% utilization of the software. We’re invested, we know the software, and we use the features.

How has RM impacted your business?

I run a 100% service-oriented business, Andrew states, so good people are crucial, and so is good software.

Rent Manager allows me to streamline by business because all you need is internet. I’ve integrated NDT and I’m pushing everything to the cloud. Currently Park Place has 25 Rent Manager® users.

We’re invested in using the latest capabilities and cutting-edge technology at Park Place’and Rent Manager® fits right into this approach,” Andrew explains. “We put Boise on the map regarding Craig’s List, and we were the first property management group using YouTube for virtual tours.

In 2011, Park Place Property Management received
the designation of Certified Residential Management Company® by NARPM. This distinguished title is shared by less than 50 companies in the U.S.

See industry expert Andrew Propst present at the 2012 Rent Manager® User Conference October 21-24th in Dallas, TX.