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We love Rent Manager! Not only because it's great software, but because literally every support person we have dealt with at Rent Manager has accommodated our transition from our old software in a manner unrivaled by any technical support group I have ever worked with.

— Sheri Elsworth - Brady Investments Inc.

Both the Rent Manager software and the Rent Manager tech support are user-friendly. I have never experienced such timely, courteous and efficient tech support as I have at Rent Manager. Not only that, but Rent Manager actually gets better and better over time because there are so many wonderful features to Rent Manager that only time reveals. I have not found Rent Manager to be deficient in any aspect of our property management business. The software and the people are a joy to work with every day.

— Susan Martin - Eventide Inc.

After spending five frustrating months with another competitor, I have to tell you that I am very happy with your product, your service, your technical help and your helpful, professional attitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made our management easier and my employees happier.

— Roger Mandel - Mandel Real Estate Company

I really do enjoy the Rent Manager system. We are finding more and more neat and useful features every day. It definitely made our lives easier. Your system was easy enough for us to understand as soon as we started using it. It covers everything that we needed, plus things that we didn't even think of but are now helping us in new ways. And it was a lot cheaper than the other systems that we had priced and were using before.

— Booie's Mobile Home Park

Thank you so very much because you have really helped me to get my company to a point that it hasn't been able to get to in five years. We have made more progress through these last three months than we have in the last three years. It's not just an accounting system, it's an operating system where all of our internal and external needs are met.

— Sara Krawczykowski

Purchasing Rent Manager was the best decision I made regarding software. I feel as if it were tailor-made for our company and am consistently impressed with the new features/versions released every year. It exceeded our expectations. Rent Manager is by far the most user-friendly program I have ever used in my 10 years of experience with different software programs. But better yet, it is even very easy to use by my office staff who have some-to-no experience with computers. Rent Manager remarkably has cut down the process in which we document the information about our residents! Every day we are finding new features that this program has to offer, which allows us to improve our processes of record-keeping in terms of rent collection, storing tenant information, billing and so much more. I am pleased to report that the capabilities of Rent Manager always seem to exceed the competition. Thank you and keep it up!

— Kari Lasco - Southmoor Estates

I just wanted to thank you for Rent Manager! I don't know how I would survive without it. It has made my life 100 percent easier. When I first started working with my father five years ago, we had to do everything by hand. It used to literally take me two hours to pull a delinquent report, now it takes a matter of 30 seconds. That alone paid the price for Rent Manager. Not to forget the other things that are so professional—the deposit slips are perfect, the statements are awesome, the automated utility service is a breeze, there are so many ways of generating reports that it would take me forever to list them all. I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the manufactured housing community. Two thumbs up for Dave Hegemann and LCS. Keep up the great work!

— Sandy Gibson

I am extremely satisfied with the program functions. It is exceptionally easy to train someone in a very short period of time as to how to use the program. I have tried several rental property software programs, but none compare with the simplicity of Rent Manager, nor do other programs have all the features of Rent Manager.

— Roger Flack