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Simplify & Improve Your Everyday Tasks

The property management business can be time-consuming.
Your team is responsible for so many day-to-day
tasks—collecting rent, marketing units, completing work orders, conducting inspections, and much more. Rent Manager® can reduce the time you spend on these routine tasks and
allow you to invest more in growing your business.

Rent Manager is your single software solution that will
save you time, effort, and money.

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Built-in Word Processor: Rent Manager includes a word processor that automatically fills in any information you desire—tenant name, address, balance, etc.—in the documents you use to run your business. You no longer need to manually input data page by page. Create any number of letters or notices in just seconds with the built-in word processor.

Project Workflow: Workflow management is an essential part of running a streamlined business. Allow Rent Manager to translate your business practices into trackable projects and recurring service issues in the program. Whether you need to follow move-out procedures or train a new hire, Rent Manager can streamline the way you complete day-to-day tasks and projects.

Task Automation: There are many activities you perform in Rent Manager on a regular basis. Perhaps you post recurring charges and late fees each month, or you’re responsible for finding recurring bills that need to be repeatedly posted. The Task Automation feature lets you set up posting schedules and Rent Manager automates these routine activities for you.

Mobile Capabilities: Take Rent Manager with you wherever you go! Access anything from inspection reports, tenant information, meter readings, and much more with our mobile apps and the Rent Manager Online (RMO) mobile portal, mobileRM.

Service Manager: Create, track, manage, and resolve service issues all within your Rent Manager program. Turn service management into a revenue generator for your business.