Awesome August: Fall into Fun!

We’re heading into the home stretch of summer. It won’t be too much longer before these sizzling hot days are just a memory. As a property manager, you’ve probably already done a lot to give your tenants a great summer. But why stop at just June and July?

Before everything starts winding down with cooler weather and changing leaves, here’s a few ideas to help make August especially awesome during the remaining dog days…

Back to School
Most schools open their doors around the third or fourth week of August. And from now until then, parents everywhere are counting down the days.

There’s lots to do in preparation: purchase school supplies, shop for the kids’ fall clothes, and register for classes.

One way you can help ease the transition from summer fun to school work is by providing a back to school packet for your tenants. Here are some items to include:

  • Supply lists for all of the local schools in your district
  • Locations and times for the designated bus stop in your rental community
  • Store flyers and coupons for back to school sales

TIP! You can also include important information like when your pool will close for the fall or if there are any seasonal changes to the office and clubhouse hours.

Pool Party! Before the kiddos have to head back and hit the books, throw one last hurrah just for them. Have games and prizes on tap, along with plenty of pizza. Or perhaps grill out with some hot dogs and hamburgers. Either way, a pool party in their honor will surely make it a summer to remember!

New Tenants’ Night
With school starting back in session shortly, you might have a wave of new tenants on your hands…especially if you’re near a college campus. One of the easiest way to help them feel right at home in their new surroundings is to host a quick new tenant get-together.

A Must-Read: Compile a list of names, phone numbers, and addresses for necessities like: doctors, dentists, insurance providers, fitness centers, dry cleaners, schools, supermarkets, hardware stores, etc. in your town.

You can even ask the businesses on this list to donate useful promotional items (pens, calendars, chip clips) or special discounts on goods or services to include in your welcome package.

TIP! Include a housewarming gift from yourself to show the tenant how happy you are to have them. You might consider giving a potted plant, a gift card to a home improvement store, a welcome mat, mailing labels for their new address, etc. Just a little something to say We’re glad you’re here!

Don’t forget the food! Prepare some simple snacks (salsa, chips, fruit, veggies, and dip) and beverages, and invite your current tenants to come join the fun of welcoming the newest members of their community. It’s a perfect way to make a great and lasting impression!

Who Wants S’more?
August 10th is national S’mores Day. And who doesn’t like s’mores?!

That’s why this little-known holiday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the delicious, gooey goodness of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers with your tenants.

Simply provide the three basic ingredients, plus a fire if your property is equipped, and let the Mmmmm’ing begin.

TIP! If your property doesn’t have a fireplace or fire pit…don’t fret! You can easily light up a grill instead to roast your marshmallows to sugary-sweet perfection.

Or if a grill isn’t ideal, a microwave is an easy solution. Simply place a marshmallow on top of half of a graham cracker and pop them into the microwave for 15 seconds. Remove from the microwave and top with three squares of a Hershey’s® bar and the remaining half graham cracker.