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Open Access

It's Your Data—Make the Most of It!

Available to Rent Manager Online (RMO) customers, Open Access provides you with comprehensive read-only views of your Rent Manager® database. These data views can then be used—via custom-designed applications and queries—to enhance your day-to-day operations and further improve the efficiency and performance of your operation.

Open Access views provide a mirrored copy of your live RMO database, which can be used for internal or external consumption. Updates to your live data are typically available in the Open Access data within a few seconds.

Your developer can use these views to create applications and queries that extend functionality and enable you to learn more about residents, vendors, and your business. Examples include:

  • Custom-made Reports:
    Create your own tailored receivables, payables and other statements using the information retrieved from your RMO database.
  • Manage Resident Access:
    Using the receivables information in your RMO database, identify delinquent residents and control their access to community amenities like free wi-fi or pool and exercise facilities.
  • Employee Performance Dashboards:
    Monitor the quality/completeness of the information your employees are entering into RMO.
  • General Data Exports:
    Open Access enables you to access your RMO database via any connector/driver that supports SSL MySQL connections. Our Professional Services team will also provide instructions for configuring a Windows ODBC DSN, but it is not required to use Open Access.

And if you don't currently work with a developer, our adept Professional Services team can review your requirements and provide a quote to build your unique project.

Make the most of your data—learn more about Open Access today by contacting us at