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Loan Manager

How do you Manage Your Owner-Financed Loans?

Loan Manager makes it easy to track thousands of owner-financed loans within Rent Manager®. This comprehensive module eliminates the need for third-party loan programs and enables you to charge principal and interest directly to the tenant, just like rent charges.

Loan Manager's simple setup wizard will guide you through the creation of each loan from start to finish. At any time, you can open a new or existing loan, view payoff amounts, estimate monthly payments, and print loan documents. Loan Manager also calculates interest based on straight amortization, the current principal balance, or daily interest.

  • Pre-qualify or quote loans on the spot
  • View all loan details in seconds
  • Calculate interest and principal
      Interest calculation options:
    • Based on straight amortization
    • Based on current principal
    • Based on daily interest
  • Calculate payoff amount
  • Include charges such as PMI and escrow
  • Generate amortization schedules and graphs
  • Accept extra or early payments
  • Add pre-existing loans
  • Estimate monthly payments
  • Print loan details
  • Print 1098 interest forms

Further streamline your business—administrate your owner-financed loans via Loan Manager. Learn more today: 800-669-0871/