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Common Area Maintenance & Reconciliation

Powerful Commercial Property Management Tools

Rent Manager's versatile Common Area Maintenance (CAM) functionality enables you to easily calculate, distribute, and reconcile one-time and recurring charges associated with your commercial properties.

Designate any number of CAM-based charges and expense accounts within the system. Establish CAM charges for entire properties, specific rental units, or individual tenants. Rent Manager® offers several ways for you to calculate the total amount of your CAM charges and specify how those charges should be allocated to your commercial tenants.

You can also produce a variety of meaningful reports for your tenants, property owners, and your own business with Rent Manager's collection of commercial property reports.

Determining CAM Charge Amounts

  • Enter a specific amount
  • Use a property or tenant user-defined field
  • Use CAM expenses for a previous period
  • Use your budget
  • Use specific percentages

Distributing CAM Charges

Divide and distribute charges a variety of ways:

  • By each tenant's share of total square footage
  • By each tenant's share of total rented square footage
  • By total number of occupants
  • Evenly among current tenants
  • Evenly by total units
  • By a tenant's user-defined fields
  • By each tenant's unique pro rata share

Reconciliation Features

  • Reconcile tenants of the desired properties
  • Reconcile all CAM charges at once or individually
  • Reconcile charges and expenses over a specified date range
  • Optionally subtract base amounts
  • Calculate reconciliations in cash or accrual basis
  • Limit tenants responsibility by move-in/move-out dates
  • Apply reconciliation charges and credits to selected tenants

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